Great Visit to Dartmouth Middle School

dartmouthposterLast Thursday, over 300 7th graders read The Amazing Adventures of John Smith Jr., aka Houdini at Dartmouth Middle School in Dartmouth, MA. Literacy coach Karen Babbitt and so many others made the visit special. But the kids stole the show, making posters and just really responding to the book on a very high level. I’ll look forward to coming back next year. This visit reminded me of why we writers do what we do.

3 thoughts on “Great Visit to Dartmouth Middle School”

    1. Thanks, Laura. It really was a special visit. I know you’re respected and influential, so spread the word. I have four visits pending, but they’re at charter or private schools, so the more public schools who know about my visits, the better. Be well, and thanks. I plan to post a picture of the visit tomorrow. Peter

      1. Howdy!
        During our initial conversation when you insisted that all the students read the book before your visit, I didn’t get it. After hearing the quality of the student-generated questions and their level of enthusiasm during your visit, I’m now a convert. The entire experience was powerful and fun for our teachers and students. I can’t wait to see what our team come up with to surprise you for next year’s visit! Happy writing!

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