Fees for Visits

Below is a list of fees I charge for school visits. I encourage you to look at the testimonials from previous visits. Please use these fees as a guideline. I realize that many schools are strapped for funds, so I try to work with each school, tailoring visits and fees according to each school’s situation.

A Sample of schools, who have had large adoptions of my books:

What Happened

LaSalle Academy

Bishop Feehan

Tolman High School

Bishop Connolly

Williamsville High School

Houdini and Benny

Rye-Neck Middle School

Henry Barnard School

North Dartmouth Middle School

Friends Academy

St. Michael’s (Fall River)

Curtis Corner Middle School

1) If I can drive to the school and back in one day, I offer a free visit if the school adoption is significant.  This visit will include no more than two presentations/Q&A sessions. If you want to add a small workshop with students, I add $100, unless the adoption is over 300.

2) If I have to travel, that means I usually spend the whole day. In this case, transportation and room and meals must be included, plus a $1000 stipend. The stipend is negotiable if the book adoption is significant.

3) I try to do free local short visits to libraries or schools, as long as the kids are prepared and have read the book under discussion. Those visits depend on how busy I am at the time.

What is most important to me is that kids have read and discussed or written on a book before I come. The last thing they want is another adult lecturing them about a book they haven’t read.

Again, always feel free to contact me. As I said above, my experience tells me that all schools have different needs and possess different resources.

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  1. Good afternoon, Peter. My middle school has just decided to use Benny Alvarez as our shared read for this summer. Over three hundred students will be reading and discussing the book by the beginning of October. I suggested the book two months ago when we were planning our book fair and the rest of the English department seemed eager to discuss it as our shared read. I would like to include a correspondence with you as part of the assessment of the book. Please let me know if you’d be open to a Q&A with students (grades 6-8) over email.

    Congratulations on your success.


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