Early Reviews for Out of Eden, my YA Thriller

Here are excerpts from some early reviews of Out of Eden:

A family vacation goes asunder amid notes of Deliverance, religious delusions and frighteningly plausible violence….It’s the inexplicability of cruelty that makes this horrifying page-turner so effective. A compelling portrayal of inevitable, realistic violence and evil personified. —Kirkus Reviews

As for Out of Eden, I don’t know if one can say he  liked a book about evil so I’ll say I admire it, instead. [Peter Johnson has] done a superb job of conveying the inexplicable nature of evil, reinforcing it by the sections that take the reader into Leopold’s head. … The sense of foreboding is palpable; Leopold and Abraham are two scary dudes! …Heartstopping but deeply satisfying. —Michael Cart, author of From Realism to Romance: 50 Years of Growth and Change in Young Adult Literature

Johnson explores the human capacity for evil in this story of a family being stalked by a coldblooded murderer named Leopold, and his accomplice, Abraham. …[A]and his unwillingness to provide simple answers for Leopold’s actions leaves readers to contemplate the horror of meaningless violence. —Publishers Weekly

Fast-moving, suspenseful…. Breezy dialogue, vivid characters, and the rugged White Mountain landscape add compelling realism to this sinister tale. —School Library Journal.



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