Great early Reviews for The Life and Times of Benny Alvarez

Benny will be published on June 24th, and Houdini will be in paperback. here are some excerpts from early reviews for Benny:

“This slice-of-life novel portrays Benny and his entertaining family and friends with just the right balance of angst and humor; Benny’s narration is a spot-on mix of the sharp wisdom and utter befuddlement that result when hormones come into play.” Publishers Weekly

“This second middle-grade novel from the author of The Amazing Adventures of John Smith, Jr., AKA Houdini (2012) offers richly developed side characters and a true-to-life voice in Benny’s smart-mouthed but still-naïve perspective . . . This friendship story will appeal to word nerds and those that tolerate them, and it may even produce some tears under cover of humor.” Kirkus Reviews.

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